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Mortage Products :
Construction Finance Mortgage (CFM)
The Product:
The HFC Construction Finance Mortgage (CFM) facility is given to estate developers to construct residential property for sale. The loan is given for specified period. Repayment is not contingent upon the sale of those properties.
  • The facility is extended to the developer through a dedicated loan account held with HFC (SL) Ltd.
  • Developer must meet HFC (SL) credit appraisal standards.
  • Estate Developer is responsible for payment of interest and principal.
  • Payment of the loan is not contingent on the sale of the houses being developed.
  • Maximum term shall not exceed 36 months.
  • Land with good title and in good location.
  • Must be reputable construction Company/Estate Developers and registered with HFC (SL) Ltd. Collateral optional.
  • Prior approved standard design houses with prices pre-determined and fixed Bills of quantities lodged with HFC (SL) Ltd.
  • Parcel plans and transfer documents executed and lodged with HFC (SL) Ltd.
  • Loans will be disbursed directly to supplier in some occasion.
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